HELP Please: Name that blog contest

Hmmn… having my very own blog–albeit with training wheels on–is already demanding more attention than a new puppy or a non-blogging husband. It is at least 10 hours before the end of the first 24 hours and Lo! I need to upload a second post? in ONE day?

I promise, short of Armageddon, this new blog-thing will rarely feature more than one post per day.

But right now, I’d like to invite your help. The title “Karen Made Me Do It” was just for the Test Drive (See post below). Please help me find a descriptive blog name. (It’s like going into labor before you’ve thought of baby’s name.)

The general idea here will be to play the observant child to the the naked emperor.  I’d like to explore the illogic of those cultural blips that are based on wishful thinking, not objective reality.

Catholics–all Christians –ought to seek truth. We are people who understand truth is ultimately the greatest charity, the greatest mercy. Let’s examine those cultural and political policies based on an emotive wish rather than an objective respect for human nature and the given order. A reasoned rant, if you will.

I just read a recent paper by a favorite philosopher. His article is based on a Chesterton conversation. The phrase that made me smile was, “An abominable darkness of brain.”

Would that make a good title? Seems to me that we believers can do the greatest work of charity when we point to the truth–when we shine light on the “abominable darkness.”

Is that too negative?

Ya’ll (uh-huh…I’m Southern) feel free to suggest a title. It’ll be fun to see what turns up.

Keep the faith!


Test Drive

Ya’ll, Karen has nagged me ragged over these last few months about getting my own blog home.

Okay. I can take a hint. (It’s is embarrassing when folks in Karen’s combox cuff me for writing off topic–which I do, I admit it. But gimme a hall pass for mercy’s sake! She writes forty-six posts a day and by the time I manged to type up a comment, preview it, verify that I’m real and not a roving spam-bot, hit “post” and get my comment uploaded –why I am thirty-nine blogs behind and my comment is no longer germane.)

So here is how it happened that there is now a zillionth blog in the cosmos. K & MJ are yakking about K’s sinuses and the threat of Obama’s and why MJA thinks No Country For Old Men is a great moral movie. K instructed me to write it up for the unwashed (those who have not come to the Jordan on the matter of No Country). Write it up, she commands, and post it…oh, you STILL don’t have a blog?

I promise her that today –yes, this very 24 hour rotation of the earth–that I will create some sort of initial, rudimentary, elementary kinderblog.

Eight minutes later I have an email from K announcing she has created a blog for me and could I send her a title and a photo to make a banner? Eight minutes.

But I am helpless. I have a secret life. The secret life undermines my virtual cyber self and wars against it with maniacal demands: fetch my ill Mama from the hospital (flu-she is Ok now), obtain prescriptions for said parent, accompany a daughter-in-law on a foray into an urban pedestrian racetrack (mall) to select youngest son’s b’day gift. Soothe spouse who has been “abandoned” while I forage in the retail jungles of Orlando for appropriate commemorations for aging son. Do you see any spare time for writing blog posts? Neither do I.

Therefore this is not a blog post on my new, exclusive, Karen Hall designed blog.

It is only a test drive.

Keep the faith!blog dogs